What does APTV offer?

We provide a unique booth interview video service that results in a professionally shot and edited three- to five-minute video with an amazingly quick turnaround. We are especially skilled at providing explanations of technology products and services, so that your customers and prospects will understand the features and benefits.

You get a great marketing video without having to allocate extra resources, spend lots of time and money, or even travel. We come to you where you already have an exhibit booth set up, staffed by people who are prepared to talk about your product or service.

You get a high resolution video with great images and sound quality, carefully crafted to include b-roll and still photos to create an engaging experience for the viewer. And we use the latest in workflow management so that we can provide the finished product in a matter of days.

We offer three levels of service:

Silver ($2,000):

You receive a 3- to 5-minute high-definition (1080p) booth interview video, with professional intro and outro, including a clickable call-to-action at the end that leads to a URL of your choice. The video is posted on YouTube and you can link to it or embed it on you website. We will also optimize the video for SEO benefits, and will make a page of all videos from the event on our site. We will also assist the host organization/event organizer in adding the videos to their site.

Gold ($2,500):

You receive the video as described above, plus a package of 20 professional high-resolution still photos suitable for print publication. These can be of the booth, your company personnel, the products on exhibit, or a combination of these. We will also include low resolution versions of the photos suitable for posting directly on a website.

Platinum ($3,500):

You receive the video and stills as described above, plus all the raw booth interview and b-roll footage with the rights to edit and publish as you choose.

Each video includes the following:

  • Strong, branded calls to action for your product or service at the end of the video
  • Professionally-created intro and outro segments specific for the trade show or exhibition
  • Free hosting on YouTube to make it easy to embed in a website or link in an email
  • Publication in a playlist of all videos from the trade show or exhibition
  • Expertly crafted YouTube transcripts to maximize search engine benefits for YouTube and Google
  • You also receive the video file so that you can host or distribute it any way that they choose.

How do we hire APTV for our next trade show exhibit?

We do not sell directly to exhibitors or on the show floor—we only work in partnership with show organizers and host associations. If you would like Alfred Poor Tech Videos to be available at your next trade show — anywhere in the world — please contact the exhibit manager for your show and ask them to contact us so that they can add our service to the others that they make available to exhibitors.